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‘State of Emergency’: See the Wildest Videos of the Extreme Floods in San Diego

San Diego continues to dry out today after extreme flooding swept through many areas of southern California. The usually dry climate recorded its wettest January day on record, and flooding impacted more than 100 homes.

According to multiple media reports, officials opened shelters to help those in the worst areas. Multiple people had to be rescued, with some of the hardest hit areas just south of downtown San Diego and closer to the U.S. border with Mexico. A state of emergency has been declared.

Multiple videos are making the rounds of some of the wildest instances caught on camera. 

In this first video, multiple vehicles were dangerously driving through flooded streets. In other areas, people had to walk through the flood water. Health officials warn to avoid flood waters, which can often be full of debris and sewage. People should wash any part of their body that comes into contact with flood waters as it can contain things like E. coli and salmonella.

Powerful storms started days ago, washed out some roadways, and flooded mass transit.

Even cities further inland saw flooding, which washed away cars.

The last few months have had wild weather for a place known to be mostly sunny. Southern California saw a rare hurricane make landfall in August of last year. The remains of that storm, Hurricane Hilary, brought flooding and damage to places like Death Valley National Park.

The rainy weather has moved on, with more sun forecasted for the remainder of the week. Clean-up is now underway in many areas, with debris and trash piles left behind on people’s front lawns, and in some instances, vehicles are missing from the flood waters.

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