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Hiking Shoes Under $200 for Your Next Mountain Adventure

Hiking doesn’t require a lot of gear, making it a great activity for anyone who wants to get outdoors. You will, however, want to pick up a sturdy pair of hiking boots or shoes, especially if you plan to go out on the trails often. If you’re looking for a new pair of hiking shoes that won’t break the bank, here are some great options for under $200.

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Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid-GORE-TEX Hiking Boot, $165

Image by Salomon

These waterproof, over-the-ankle hiking boots are great for tough uphills and steep downhills. Made for traveling, these boots are lightweight enough to keep you standing upright even on the most rocky or uneven terrain. The Contragrip has trail-runner agility, making this pair great for your toughest trails.

Merrell Moab 3 Hiking Shoe, $110

Image by Merrell

These hiking shoes are great for weekend travel. With kinetic fit insoles and a hybrid-leather mesh outside, You’ll have lasting comfort and support on the trails as well as extra traction for those rainy days. These shoes are great if you’re looking for the protection and strength of a hiking boot, plus the lightweight feel of a sneaker.

Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, $105

Image by Timberland

These 100% leather boots with rubber soles are made for adventures on all terrain. Made with waterproof leather, these boots are trail-ready for any performance. Timberland has become a well-known and trusted brand in the world of hiking and work boots.

Ozark Trail Lightweight Hiking Shoe, $40

Image by Ozark

These hiking shoes are made of a comfortable suede that will provide strength and durability when you’re out on the trails. With a lightweight midsole and padded tongue, these hiking shoes have a rubber bottom to ensure traction on the trails, as well as a PU Panel to protect your toes. 

La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX Hiking Boot, $190

Image by La Sportiva

These wide-fit boots are designed to be comfortable as your feet expand on your hiking trips. Inspired by trail running shoes, these boots are lightweight and made with recycled materials. They’re durable and can protect your ankles while still being comfortable.

Merrell Nova 3 Mid-Waterproof Hiking Boot, $155

Image by Merrell

If you like to hike where it’s messy, consider these Merrell boots. These lightweight shoes are a great option if you’re a fast hiker or looking to get out in more urban environments. With a waterproof outside, these will get you through mud or water without getting your socks wet.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus li Hiking Shoe, $100

Image by Columbia

Made from waterproof leather, these boots will keep your feet protected and dry from the elements, while also offering breathability during long, hot days on the trail. With a durable midsole for long-lasting comfort, these boots have a sturdy rubber bottom to help you keep both feet on the ground.

Northside Cedar Rapids Low Top Hiking Shoe, $65

Image by Northside

Made from a breathable, quick-drying fabric, these low-top hiking shoes are great for hitting the trails, even after a rainy day, or if you’re looking to run through a waterfall at the peak of your hike. With an embossed PVC toe, these hiking shoes will keep you dry and protected, no matter where you choose to hike. 

Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot, $160

Image by Oboz

With the Oboz waterproof, breathable membrane, your Oboz will keep you protected and dry out on the trails. With specially designed O FIT insoles made with BLOOM algae foam, these boots will keep you comfortable all day. They fit over the ankle for continued support, even as you climb up the most intense elevation gain.

Adidas TERREX Free Hiker 2 Hiking Shoe, $200

Image by Adidas

Made with a snug mesh to cover the ankle, these hiking shoes are lightweight and designed to move with you as you hike. Made with an extra-soft insole, these hiking shoes will keep you comfortable, as if you’re walking on clouds. 

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