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The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack Is For The Hybrid Lifestyle

When Mo Elliot first started Fayettechill out of his college dorm, he always dreamed of being able to produce unique outdoor gear that was designed specifically for the hybrid lifestyles we lived. After years of developing Fayettechill’s identity as a brand and production capabilities, they are ready to offer the Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack to the public. We reached out to Mo Elliot for an exclusive interview on this great new product that is tough enough to take to the top of a Mt. Everest, but also versatile enough to use day to day.

The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack
Mo Elliot

What is your backstory?
Originally from Dallas, TX. I started Fayettechill when I was a junior at University of Arkansas. Fayettechill began when I noticed that no outdoor apparel brand was representing our outdoor community in the Ozark Mountains.

What is Fayettechill?
Fayettechill has been described as many things: an outdoor clothing company, cultural brand, a social movement that values experience first and foremost. Fayettechill is and always will be community first. We have pledged to be “an exhale to the daily grind” by creating a unifying community for shared love for the outdoors. Although we are all increasingly digitally connected, it is apparent that most feel an almost paradoxically sense of isolation in the modern world. Fayettechill is our answer to this modern struggle.

The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack
The Problem of Traditional Backpacks

What motivated you to develop the Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack?
I saw a need to have a backpack with max utility for use on the trails while also serving as a piece that was aesthetically pleasing and a progressive design for everyday use in the urban environment. I didn’t see anything on the market that was a perfect fit for the two environments simultaneously. Now, we are funding this design with our kickstarter campaign.

Can you describe your product and its uses?
All things on the trail and an urban backpack. Personally, I use it while on hiking trips and paddle boarding. It has been awesome to have on lake and not have to worry about my phone or other things getting wet. It is also been my everyday bag I use for my laptop and documents at work.

The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack
The Solution–The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack

Can you explain how your design is better versus traditional backpacks? What are the benefits to the user?
For a bit more money from traditional backpacks that aren’t waterproof, the Journeyman bag allows a person to have a fully water proof backpack. It solves the need to have several packs for the different aspects of life. Once it is off of the mountain it can be easily cleaned and ready for school, or work.

What makes this product unique compared to the competition?
The most unique aspect is our urban inspiration of use. The laptop sleeve is a great component for urban use and the top flap disguises the drybag into a traditional look of backpack. We also picked a perfect fit of fabric to not be too thin for intense outdoor use and not too thick that it doesn’t make sense for a everyday use.

The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack
The Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack

What do you hope to accomplish with this new funding?
To start production of this product! We have been working with our factory for over a year on development and now we are excited to release it to the public.

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