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Toddler Rescued After Being Swallowed By Hippo

A two-year-old boy in Uganda was rescued by an onlooker after being attacked by a hippo.

Police in the region reported that the hippo had swallowed half of the boy before spitting him out. Incident reportedly happened on December 4 in the southwest district of Katwe-Kabatoro. A spokesperson for the Ugandan Police addressed the issue in a statement.

“It took the bravery of a one Chrispas Bagonza, who was nearby, to save the victim,” the statement read. “He stoned the hippo and scared it, causing it to release the victim from its mouth.”

Officials identified the boy as Iga Paul. They also said that he had been playing at his home near Lake Katwe. Paul was taken to a local emergency center to treat his injuries. Once stable he was moved to Bwera Hospital in West Uganda, for further treatment. Since the incident, Paul has been discharged and is back with his parents. He was treated for rabies before being released.

“The hippo was scared back into the lake, all residents near animal sanctuaries and habitats should know that wild animals are very dangerous,” the statement continued. “Instinctually, wild animals see humans as a threat and any interaction can cause them to act strangely or aggressively.”

It is estimated that hippos attack and kill over 500 people per year in Africa alone.

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