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Twin Rivers Vacation Park Camping OR

Camp Oregon recently had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Twin Rivers Vacation Park. The location along the North Umpqua River makes it an ideal destination if you’re looking to get away for a camping trip to Oregon’s wine country. She told us about their campgrounds, the proximity to wineries, and where she’s spend just one night in the park. Listen to our full interview here:

Twin Rivers Vacation Park Camping OR

Camp Oregon: I’m talking with Vicky today. She’s the Owner at Twin Rivers Vacation Park in Oregon. Vicky, why don’t you get us started by giving us a little bit of history about Twin Rivers Vacation Park?


Vicky: Okay. The Park was established back in 1964, and it’s located right next to the North Umpqua River. The North Umpqua River flows right beside my property. I’m directly across the driveway from River Fork County Park, where the North and the South Umpqua come together. This provides wonderful fishing twelve months out of the year. Rafting. River swimming. We’re right in the heart of wine country, so there’s like twenty vineyards right around our area.

CO: Wow.

Vicky: Two of them are within walking distance.

CO: Wow. If I come out there, are you going to cart me around to all these wineries?

Vicky: It’s just gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

CO: Awesome.


Vicky: I’m located five miles west of town so that you actually get the country setting and camping. Each one of my sites come with electric, water, sewer, and Cable. Each site has its own front grass area accompanied by a cement patio and fire pit. Each site also has big, beautiful, matured trees. And there’s bird watching, wildlife. The Park is just gorgeous. We have over 100 different kinds of trees within the Park, and I have 13.5 acres. And between my Park and the County Park, which has 40 acres, there’s hiking trails, bicycling. It’s just gorgeous.

CO: That sounds fantastic. Now, do you have tent camping as well?

Vicky: I have a beautiful tent area that is right over the knoll is the North Umpqua River. So, my tenters listen to the North Umpqua River all night long.

CO: Awesome.

Vicky: It’s a huge, green grass area with big matured trees, and this comes with fresh water, fire pit, and picnic table.

CO: Oh, okay. What’s your favorite winery out there, Vicky?

Vicky: Oh, I can’t say, because I enjoy them all. We have Henry Estates, which I think is one of the oldest well-established vineyards within the area. They’re one of the few vineyards that do not charge for sampling, but all the wine in this area is just wonderful. It’s comparable to the Sonoma, Napa Valley in California.

CO: Great. And in addition to all of the wineries out there, what are some of your favorite attraction in the area?

Vicky: There’s a lot of antiquing. We have several old mining towns and logging towns that offer their own flair for the county. We have eagles nesting within the area. You can often see, even during the daytime, deer walking through my property. I have about two and a half acres of just nothing but green grass with big, beautiful trees for children to play, and there’s a swing set and horseshoe pits and volleyball net. I also have a convenient store, propane, wonderful laundry and shower facilities and restrooms. My Park is very unique because, as you come in my driveway, it’s lined with big, beautiful pine trees. And then, once you come in, my driveway to come into my Park, the Park is separated from the store and the driveway entrance by a huge 12-foot green laurel edge, and then I’m also a gated Park.

CO: All right, perfect. It sounds like an absolutely gorgeous place to visit.

Vicky: It is. It is just very unique. I have clients that come from all over the United States. I’ve also had clients from New Zealand, England, Poland, France, Italy, and Germany. They fly over and rent an RV, and they tour the Western Coast. And it is not uncommon for them to tell me that this is the most beautiful, pristine Park that they have visited.

CO: Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Well, thank you so much, Vicky, for taking a little time out of your morning to tell us a little bit more about the surrounding area and to give us some great information about Twin Rivers Vacation Park in Oregon.


Vicky: And another thing I might add – my sites are anywhere from, oh, 50 to 120 feet long. And what else? I think I told you they’re equipped with electric, water, sewer, and Cable TV. We have Internet available. My prices range anywhere from 22 to 33 dollars a night, and then we also have a weekly rate where you get a day and a half free and a monthly rate, which you would get like a week and a half free.

CO: All right, perfect. So, very affordable and that would be great for me, because I would probably be hitting almost all of those wineries, so I can spend my money there.

Vicky: There you go.

CO: Well, thanks again, Vicky, for chatting with us and have a great weekend.

Vicky: You’re welcome and thank you so much for calling.

Visit the Twin Rivers Vacation Park website

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