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Felmlee Lures Three-Inch Eel Lure Review with Captain Nathan

Captain Nathan gives the rundown on his favorite Felmlee Lures! Felmlee Lures has been around for over 60 years & are authentically designed, assembled and painted by hand in their Lewistown, Pennsylvania workshop.

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Felmlee are known for their big eel baits that are great for catching stripers and big blue fish, as well as a wide variety of other species.

Nathan loves the three inch model of their eel bait. In the winter, fish can get skiddish with the clear water. The streamline profile of this bait allows the bait to fall into the strike zone very quietly and undetected. The fish don’t so much notice the bait falling down into the water as they do the small vibration it makes when it hits the water. This is key for success with spooky fish!

There are a lot more people out on the water these days, so it’s ever more important to find lures that are more subtle as far as presentation goes. This three-inch Felmlee eel is a great combination when you are throwing at fish that have been heavily pressured; it lands quietly and doesn’t spook them right when it hits the water.

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