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WATCH: Giant Octopus Hugs a Lady’s Leg

It’s not every day that a giant Pacific octopus, the largest known octopus species in the world, comes up and give your leg a hug. That happened to Catherine (last name unknown), an amateur wildlife videographer, octopus lover, and @ogdensnapsyyj on Instagram. The experience left her wanting more.

The video, probably from Ogden Point just outside of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, shows a giant Pacific octopus approach the woman as she films. Octopuses are curious, intelligent animals, and though they do have strong suckers and a sharp beak, they aren’t generally aggressive toward humans.

This one really wanted to check Catherine out. It wrapped several of its arms (octopuses have eight arms and zero tentacles) around one of her legs, and Catherine admits she’s scared. She even asks the octo not to hurt her.

It doesn’t, thankfully.

Octopuses use their suckers to explore the world around them. In fact, they taste with their arms. Therefore, this interaction was likely just an octopus wondering who was hanging out in its spot.

Catherine has posted more videos since this initial interaction, apparently with the same octopus. She feels more comfortable around him or her now, even giving it a nice little pet on the mantle after it approaches her.

As before, the octopus comes up, hugs Catherine’s leg or legs, then releases its suction hold and swims away.

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