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Review of Zippo Rechargeable Lithium Ion Hand Warmer – Good Stuff

Available in 2-hour and 6-hour Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer models, we’ve had the chance to test both in a variety of terrain. Places you’d expect and some you would not. They’ve been with us from the floor of Death Valley in California to the school yard in mid-winter Minnesota.

Testing hand warmers in the Mohave Desert? You bet! November nights there are cold – like down vest and snug the mummy bag around your face kind of cold. So taking the  Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmers with us on Field Trip: Death Valley was a smart choice. In November, sunset in Death Valley comes at about 4:30, and once the sun is gone it gets cold fast. Multiple levels of hand warming heat at the push of a button is pretty darn nice. A Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer in each pocket made keeping bare fingers warm so easy and convenient. And at bedtime, keeping the unit inside a zipped up sleeping bag allowed fast and easy elimination of cold spots here or there. And snuggling it against your exposed cheeks before rolling out of the bag in the morning was pretty comforting.

Mid-winter Minnesota? Now that makes sense. That’s where you need and expect to find hand warmers. But everyone thinks of taking the on weekend outdoor adventures. Actually, they are just as needed in the daily routine — parents watching kids at the hockey game, waiting at the suburban bus stop, teachers monitoring kids at recess.

To that’s why we passed a 6-hour Rechargeable Hand Warmer along to anelementary school teacher friend who handles outdoor recess duty, every day of classes! There school policy is “THERE IS RECESS until the real air temp (not wind chill) hits -10 F. If anyone needs hand warmers, she does. She fell in love with the6-hour Rechargeable Hand Warmers . It’s so easy for her to leave them plugged into the USB port on her computer to charge. When she puts on her coat to lead the kids outside, she grabs the Zippo and cranks it up to high. By the time she’s delivered her second reminder to take turns on the slide and  dried a pair of eyes, the Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer is kicking out heat to keep her fingers comfy warm. She’s using it every school day and plans on it until the weather starts to warm or school ends for the year … whichever comes first in Minnesota.

What We Like About the Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Zippo has always made great hand warmers, but the standout feature of these rechargeables is the convenience. No filling. No lighting. No waiting for a long time for it to come up to temperature. The adjustable heat settings are great, too. The “bean-shape” of the 6-hour model is hand-filling, and it is comfortable to carry in any pocket — or as we said, keep at the ready inside your sleeping bag — no sharp edges or pointy corners.

The bean-shape of the 6-hour model is hand-filling, smooth, and comfortable.
Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer 6-hour model in packaing.
The Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer 2-hour model is nice and compact.

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