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#1 Rock Tavern River Kamp in Virginia

#1 Rock Tavern River Kamp in Virginia

Camp Virginia: I’m talking with Annette Cates today. She’s the Owner at #1 Rock Tavern River Kamp in Virginia. How’s it going this morning, Annette?

Annette Cates: It’s good.

Camp Virginia: So, let’s start with how long #1 Rock Tavern River Kamp has been there and how it got started.

Annette Cates: Well, it was actually our campground many years ago that was in my family. And I was able to purchase it back, which was great.

Camp Virginia: Oh, okay.

Annette Cates: And then, since April of this year, I became the owner and we had just a few tent sites, and I added three yurts.

#1 Rock Tavern River Kamp
#1 Rock Tavern River Kamp

Camp Virginia: Okay, so let’s talk about those a little bit. I have chatted with a lot of different campground owners and it’s amazing how many both private as well as State Parks are starting to incorporate the yurt camping. It’s very popular. Why do you think that is?

Annette Cates: Well, it’s not too popular in Virginia at the moment.

Camp Virginia: Oh, okay.

Annette Cates: The West Coast, it’s popular. I mean I personally think the yurt is a nice way to enjoy the outdoors while you still are not sleeping on the ground.

Camp Virginia: Absolutely. And you still end up with – one nice thing about, I think, tent camping versus staying in maybe a regular campground or even the hotel room, you know, when you’re a tent, you can still hear everything. You feel very much a part of nature, and I think the yurt provides that same thing.

Annette Cates: Absolutely.

Camp Virginia: Yeah. So, what are some of the other attractions in the area worth checking out? If I were staying at #1 Rock Tavern River Camp for the weekend and if I wanted to head out and about with my family for a couple hours, what would you recommend checking out?

Annette Cates: Well, we’re less than ten minutes to the Luray Caverns, and of course you have the caverns and you have the Luray Caverns Museum there. The Garden . You could spend all day there easily. We’re twenty minutes to the entrance. And we have lots of antique shops and things like that in the area. And then, for a really, really close hike, you have Kennedy’s Peak. It’s on the Massanutten Moutain and Kennedy’s Peak is the highest peak of Massanutten Mountain. And you’re less than ten minutes from driving up to that, and there’s a nice little pullover and a nice hiking trail. You can hike out and see the valley below.

Camp Virginia: Okay.

Annette Cates: And Anthony’s Pizza delivers to Rock Tavern River Kamp.

Camp Virginia: Nice. Nice. So, if you get sick of hotdogs, you can just give them a call.

#1 Rock Tavern River Kamp in Virginia
#1 Rock Tavern River Kamp

Annette Cates: Yeah.

Camp Virginia: Two more questions for you, Annette. If you were going to spend just one hour in Rock Tavern River Kamp, how would you spend your time there?

Annette Cates: Well, I offer tubing and stuff too for my guests.

Camp Virginia: Oh, fun.

Annette Cates: So, if it’s the summertime, I’m going to be on the river.

Camp Virginia: Perfect. So, do they drive up the river a little ways and float down, or do they kind of hang out around the camp? How does that work?

Annette Cates: We shuttle up the river, and then float back to camp.

Camp Virginia: Fun.

Annette Cates: It’s about a two-hour float. Just about perfect.

Camp Virginia: That is perfect.

Annette Cates: Depending on the level of the river, it could be as short as an hour and a half.

Camp Virginia: Oh, okay. I absolutely love tubing. We try to do that every chance we get. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon. One final question for you: if you were going to spend just one night in #1 Rock Tavern River Kamp, which specific site would you stay at and why?

Annette Cates: Well, I would stay at Site #3 and pitch a tent just because it’s right on the water. It’s under the trees. You’ve got a picnic table. A fire ring that doubles as a charcoal grill. You have absolutely everything you need if you want to pitch a tent, and then site right next to it is the Cherokee Rose Yurt, which you could also rent, and you would have the propane gas grill outside. So, that combination of Cherokee Rose and Site #3 would be my top picks.

Camp Virginia: All right, perfect. That’s exactly the kind of inside info we like to offer to our visitors on the website. Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day, Annette, to talk with us about #1 Rock Tavern River Kamp in Virginia.

Annette Cates: Sure. Thank you.

Camp Virginia: All right, bye-bye.

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