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15 Cool Mini Boats and Mini Watercrafts [VIDEO]

If you love mini-boats as much as we do, you’ll love this quick list of 15 cool mini boats and watercraft.

15: Craigcat E2 Elite – the king of the Craigcat fleet, weights in 550 lbs only.

14: Hison Mini Speed Boat – speeds of up to 50mph, 661 lbs!

13: Sparky, a DIY Electric Boat – from the creator Paul Elkins, that comes from a family of designers.


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11: Electric Mini Boat for Kids: although it never moved past the concept stage, it’s 100% electrically driven,  has a 4-hour run time before needing a recharge. 6 speeds, including reverse. It’s unsinkable due to its 4 watertight compartments and the propeller is enclosed as well.

10: Inverness Boat: Jay Nelson, a California artist and avid surfer, likes to create Wondurlust vehicles. the Inverness boat is a one-person craft, more of a camper boat, that can fit in the back of a truck.

9: Tosher 10 Sailboat by Bill Tosh. The boat is 10 feet long, but the cabin is not meant to be slept in but instead to hold your gear.

8: Mini Tug-Boat by Berkley Engineering

7: Jet Capsule Mini Yacht: This Italian made mini yacht is the biggest on this list in 25 feet in length. It has a 370 horsepower engine. The semi-enclosed cabin allows up to 12 passengers and even a mini-kitchen.

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6. Exhilarator 101B Mini Power Boat – Sleek 2-seater at 10 feet long and 5 feet wide with speeds up to 25 mph. Don’t let its size fool you, the grab handles are there for a reason.

Continue watching the video to see the rest of the list on cool mini boats.

Video from Minds Eye Design. Check out their youtube channel for more great content.

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