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OutsideTV: Kayaking Adventures: Bonus Features from Popular Series and Original Films

Watch Bonus Features of Kayaking Adventures from popular shows on OutsideTV channel. 

Even more Bonus OutsideTV Videos: Fishing and MotorSports/Xtreme Racing

BONUS features include:

  • Kayaking With Friends Is Important – Pushing the Limits
  • These Women Aren’t Afraid to Send it – Pushing the Limits
  • Caught In A Storm While Kayaking – Epic Trails
  • Dangerous Kayaking Expedition – Xtreme CollXtion
  • Ultimate Whitewater Event – Sickline Extreme Kayak World 
  • Kayaking Huge Waterfalls in Iceland – Xtreme CollXtion
  • 8 Ball Kayak – 2017 GoPro Mountain Games
  • Kayak Freestyle – 2017 GoPro Mountain Games
  • POV: American Gladiator Meets Whitewater Kayaking
  • Tyler Bradt Takes Cam McCaul Kayaking – Locals

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Videos courtesy of OutsideTV.com, used with permission.

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