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OutsideTV: Bonus Fishing Features from Popular Series and Original Films

Watch Bonus Features from popular shows on OutsideTV channel. 

Even more Bonus OutsideTV Videos: MotorSports / Xtreme Off-Road and Kayaking / XtremeWaterSports

Mothership Andros Bonus Feature, OutsideTV

Brandon Cyr on the Mothership / Eleven Experience.

“Fishing is essentially hunting, some people hunt some people gather, my family has always been hunters. The advantage of staying on the mothership is fish-ability. Instead of having to run 20-30 miles to get to the mainland, you wake up, you have a great breakfast, and you are 5 minutes away from fishing. It’s a great way to stay out in remote locations but still be comfortable. Being a guide myself and coming here and seeing different ways of guiding, to come to a different area and learn from a different guide, we all have our different techniques and different approaches,” said Cyr.

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Hiking Through the Jungle to Catch Arapaima – Bonus Feature from REWA Film.

Location: River Burst Camp, REWA, Guyana

“We will navigate this river, then we will park the boats, then hike back into the jungle to our landlock ponds to find these fish. We’re catching these fish that are 6, 8, even 9 feet long, can weight 150-400 lbs.  We’re site casting, when you see the fish you make the cast you watch them meet the fly, the hooks are incredibly challenging but when you bury the hook in them, they come out of the water. It’s a pretty intense experience. For any fly angler, this will be the biggest fish they catch on the fly.”

Fly Tying With Oliver White and Shun Alvin, OutsideTV Feature

Fly Fishing for Salmon in Breathtaking Iceland, OutsideTV Bonus Feature

Location: Fljotaa River, Iceland

Ross Purnell, Editor, Fly Fisherman Magazine and Orrin Vigfusson, Founder, North Atlantic Salmon Fund

“I had no idea that it would be this hardcore. We have been fishing I would say sunup to sundown but the sun never seems to go down. We have been fishing hardcore all day for long hours just getting after it. The guides, everyone associated with Eleven, they are hard-core fisherman that just want to get after the salmon. These guys kick ass,” said Purnell.

Let it Fly in Cayo Cruz / Viva Cuba, OutsideTV Bonus Feature

Jonathan ‘Redbeard’ Jones and Ross Kingsley head to Cuba.

Fighting Invasive Lionfish in the Caribbean – Descending

“This invasive species threatens this underwater habitat. The lionfish are really becoming a problem for the Caribbean waters so what we are planning on doing here is something I didn’t think I’d ever get involved in, and that’s’ spearfishing. We’re going to use spearfishing to spear some of these lionfish. Despite the fact that they can be really poisonous, as long as you cut off the poisonous spikes they make a good meal.”

More OutsideTV Bonus Features in this Playlist includes:

  • Kayak Fishing with Steve Fisher – Outlook
  • A Visual Poem of Trout Fishing
  • High Altitude Lines – Yeti Cycles
  • Fly Fishing in the Shadow of Mount Kenya – EpicQuest
  • Go Do Adventure: Idaho
  • Laplanders: Hooke
  • Touching the Sun: Salsa Cycles
  • Fly Fishing the Eno River with Kevin Frank – Beneath the Blue Skies
  • Catching Marlin on a Fly Rod in Guatemala – Life Beyond Walls – Smith

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