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Kayak Accessories for Anglers are All New from Wilderness Systems

All new kayak accessories for anglers have recently been released by Wilderness Systems, the industry leader in kayak fishing innovation. These accessories are intended to allow the fisherman to customize and outfit their kayaks as needed, and have been designed with premium quality, innovation and performance in mind.

Here are some of the top picks:


In collaboration with Astral, a premium life jacket brand,  Wilderness Systems has created  a super-light PFD specifically for expert anglers. The Wildly Fisher, $159.99 USD, strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfortable breathability thanks to the unique ThinVent™ back design for use with high-back fishing kayaks.

Other features include a reflective trim for visibility, front storage pockets to organize tackle and keep it right at one’s fingertips, a stowable hood, tool organizer and beverage pocket.


The new Heavy-Duty Kayak Cart, $174.99 USD, will easily transport your kayak wherever your fishing adventures take you. Built with marine-grade, high strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy, the cart boasts superior strength and is capable of carrying kayaks up to 300 lbs. The large 12″, airless wheels feature rubber tread for superior traction and the ability to roll easily over rough terrain and sand—and with the promise of never going flat.

Secure the kayak to the cart with two 10″ straps for added security. The cart’s low center of gravity improves stability while the bunk style cradle system’s adjustable width provides a custom and secure fit.

Gear Storage

The new Kayak Krate, $149.99 USD, sophisticates the tankwell storage experience with a superior functional interface and sleek look never before seen in a fishing gear storage crate. An open main compartment accommodates larger gear and tackle boxes and features removable dividers for detailed organization. Smaller items can be stowed in the secondary lid storage. Functional and durable inside and out, the Kayak Krate is blow-molded, water resistant, is easily lashed within a tankwell, and comes standard with three rod holders.

The Thrive Baitwell, $299.99 USD, is designed to integrate with most sit-on-top kayaks and features a unique flexible hose system to draw water from any scupper in the rear tankwell, while a pump simplifies the input/output cycle. Modern and functional, the Thrive Baitwell boasts a compact lithium battery that is chargeable by USB. Stylish and strong rubber latches secure the spring-loaded lid, and comfortable carry handles allow for easy transportation. Three rod holders come standard for a seamless transition from baiting to fishing.

Gear Attachments

The Rapid Attach system features patent-pending technology that allow users to easily swap accessories from one base to another. The one-handed accessories range from a 12″ Flex Arm to a camera mount and phone grip. All accessories can be inserted through the top of the SlideTrax for easy set up and removal.

The list goes on! Additional items in the 2017-2018 Wilderness Systems accessories collection include the following.

Gear Storage:
· Mesh Storage Sleeve & Water Bottle Kit, $39.99 USD

Gear Attachments:
· Rapid Attach Base (Pair), $24.99 USD
· Rapid Attach 1″ Heavy Duty Ball Mount with Base, $24.99 USD
· Rapid Attach 1.5″ Heavy Duty Ball Mount with Base, $32.99 USD
· Rapid Attach 6″ Flex Arm without Base, $19.99 USD
· Rapid Attach 12″ Flex Arm without Base, $36.99 USD
· Rapid Attach Cylinder Clamp, $29.99 USD
· Rapid Attach Camera Mount without Base, $34.99 USD
· Rapid Attach Phone Grip with Base, $42.99 USD
· Rapid Attach Paddle Holder with Base, $37.99 USD
· Rapid Attach Visibility Flag & Light with Base, $89.99 USD
· Radar/ATAK 140 Stern Mounting Plate, $54.99 USD
· A.T.A.K. 120 Stern Mounting Plate, $54.99 USD
· A.T.A.K. 120 Bow Mounting Plate, $54.99 USD

· Anchor Trolley Kit, $39.99 USD

Silent Traction:
· Silent Traction – Tarpon 130X, $99.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Thresher 140, $99.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Radar 115, $99.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Radar 135, $99.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Tarpon 120, $99.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Large Bow Hood Cover for Thresher & ATAK 140, $29.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Small Bow Hood Cover for ATAK 120, $29.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Oval Orbix Hatch Kit (includes bottom too), $29.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Round Orbix Hatch Kit (includes bottom too), $24.99 USD
· Silent Traction – Generic DIY Kit, $34.99 USD

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