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Lake Of The Woods – An Ice Angler’s Dream Come True

Joe Henry, Executive Director for Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau, and Barb Carey, founder of Women On Ice, chat about what makes Lake of the Woods a top fishing destination in North America.

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At over 1,600 sq mi and a max depth of 210 ft, Lake of the Woods is one of the most well known fishing lakes in North America. Equally astonishing in the winter as it is in summer, Lake of the Woods attract anglers from around the globe each and every year. The “walleye capitol of the world” it seems, is irresistible to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

There are over 50 resorts in Lake of the Woods county, and even if you show up with only a suitcase, they have you covered. You can fish almost any freshwater species, and when you’re ready to unwind, there’s even a bar on the lake. No, not the lakeshore, literally out on the frozen lake. It’s called the Igloo Bar, and you have to see it to believe it.

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Bonnie Timm, from Women On Ice, enjoys a successful day of fishing.

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