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Captain Asked ‘Guess the Weight’ of Tuna Catch; Has Insane, Official, Answer

Before you think about locking in your guess, know that the person in this video is Michelle Cicale, a 5-foot-1 tuna boat captain.

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Cicale is one of the lone female captains in New Hampshire but is also one of the best on the East Coast. Prior to this catch she he reeled in another, average-sized, tuna. It took her an hour to reel that in. On average, Atlantic bluefin tuna will weigh between 400 and 600 pounds. This one took her four hours to get onto the boat.

The weight? A very above-average number. As reported by WHDH in Boston, this monster came in at 800 pounds!

Capt. Cicale does not mess around!

Yes, pulling in a massive tuna gives you instant credit. She had earned plenty of credit before this catch.

Cicale had grown up on the water and was a fisher-woman and tour guide most of her life. In 2015 she went all-in on tuna and then in 2019 bought her own boat. Since then she has more than kept up with the male-dominated industry by reeling in some wicked tuna.

This one, however, she knew was different.

“When the rod bends, it bends. You don’t know the size of it until you get it in view,” she told the station. “It was when I was lifting it out of the water and my friend was like, ‘Holy crap!'”

Oh, and her boat? The FV No Limits.

“Cause I have no limits — that’s why,” Cicale said. “It’s perfect. It describes me.”

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