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Winter Fishing: Tips to Stay Warm & Comfortable

Cold weather affects not only the fish, but the angler, too. Here are some tips to keep warm and comfortable during your winter fishing – because the mental game is half the battle!

Invest in Quality Clothing

Buy the best cold weather clothing you can afford and incorporate in layers. Yes, it’s important to be warm, but even more so, stay dry. Staying dry both under the clothing and from the outside is important and the new breathable fabrics really make a difference.

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Cover Up

Don’t expose any skin. Wind chills decrease exponentially when driving a boat.


Gloves keep your hands warm, but also allow for better fish handling, as their teeth and slime will stick to most types of gloves. Jersey gloves are best – they don’t stretch out when wet. Keep extra pairs of dry gloves handy. Wet gloves can be uncomfortable and dangerous!

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Have Back-Up Tackle Ready

Cold weather and icy line guides can have a serious impact on your fishing, so having spares is critical. If you’re in a time sensitive tournament situation, build several rod and reel combinations with your go-to baits.

Keep It Moving

If you’re not getting bites, add some layers and move to better fishing grounds. Changing locations will only increase your chances if you’re not getting bites.

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