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WATCH: Hilariously Lazy Mink Tries to Steal Trout out of a Fishing Net

Fishing can be hard work. Sometimes, it’s best to let someone else snag a fish. At least, that was the mindset of a mink in Canada that thought it could take an angler’s fresh-caught trout. An Instagram post captured the hilarious interaction.

Shawna Solar is a sponsored angler in Canada who shares her fishing posts. Recently, she got an unexpected surprise when a mink popped out of the water and tried to snag the trout she’d just caught.

“As I was giving this gorgeous tiger some time in the net after the fight, this friken (sic) mink swam up and literally tried to take my first ever tiger trout I caught on the fly,” Solar wrote on her post. “Not today.”

Eventually, the mink gives up and swims away. 

These small ferret-like animals live in wetlands along streams and rivers and are excellent swimmers.

While some commenters asked why Solar didn’t share with the tiny guy, it’s important to remember that feeding wildlife can cause them harm by teaching them to associate humans with food. This habituation is dangerous for both people and animals. 

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