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Alexander Ramsey Park in Minnesota

Alexander Ramsey Park in Minnesota

Camp Minnesota: I’m talking with Jackie Edwards today. She’s the Park and Rec Director for Redwood Falls in Minnesota. We’re going to talk about Alexander Ramsey Park. How’s it going to day, Jackie?

Jackie Edwards: Good, thank you.

Camp Minnesota: So, why don’t we start with roughly how long Alexander Ramsey Park has been there and how it got started?

Jackie Edwards: Well, actually, we’ll start with it was named after Alexander Ramsey, the first Territorial Governor. When the Territory was established in 1849, a Mayor of St. Paul, the second Governor from Minnesota from 1860 to 1863, and then on to a US Senator and Secretary President, his cabinet.

Alexander Ramsey Park
Alexander Ramsey Park

Camp Minnesota: Okay.

Jackie Edwards: It was claimed a State Park from 1911 to 1957.

Camp Minnesota: All right, so quite a while. And what types of camping do you guys offer there?

Jackie Edwards: We have 31 reservable sites, and each site has electricity – 50amp – and also a picnic table, a fire ring, and then we also have some tenting areas, and they’re first come, first serve.

Camp Minnesota: Okay, so camping from tents all the way up to RVs. You can handle just about anybody.

Jackie Edwards: Correct.

Camp Minnesota: And what are the most popular activities in the Park?

Jackie Edwards: We have great hiking trails. We have a zoo down in the Park with buffalo, elk, prairie dogs, ducks, geese, some doves, goat – just a wide variety of animals.

Camp Minnesota: Buffalo and elk.

Jackie Edwards: Yeah.

Camp Minnesota: This doesn’t sound like your average Park at all.

Jackie Edwards: It’s pretty cool.

Camp Minnesota: That sounds amazing.

Jackie Edwards: Yeah, there is beautiful waterfalls. There’s bridges. It’s 217 acres of pure beauty.

Camp Minnesota: Wow. So, what are some of your favorite attractions in the area? If I was staying in the Park and I wanted to head out for the afternoon, where would you recommend that I check out?

Jackie Edwards: Well, we would love for you to come visit our Aquatic Center. We have the Red Wood Falls Aquatic Center, and it’s a fairly new water park to the community. So, when you do check in, you’ve given a welcome packet with information about the water park as well as the community center, and then some shopping and other interests in the area as well.

Camp Minnesota: Okay, two more questions for you, Jackie. If you were going to spend just one hour in Alexander Ramsey Park, how would you spend your time?

Jackie Edwards: Well, the Zoo is a must, and then Ramsey Falls is a must. It’s an overlook of the actual falls in the Park. And there’s a bridge that you walk out to and take a peak at it. You don’t have to go across the bridge of course, but you can drive up to it as well. And then, if you can, just catch a few trails.

Alexander Ramsey Park
Alexander Ramsey Park

Camp Minnesota: Okay. Yeah, you have to hit the Zoo, right?

Jackie Edwards: Yes.

Camp Minnesota: Who’s going to say: “I’m going to not go look at the buffalo and the elk”? That’s amazing.

Jackie Edwards: It’s pretty cool. And you can feed the goats.

Camp Minnesota: I need to check this place out.

Jackie Edwards: Yeah.

Camp Minnesota: And if you could spend just one night in Alexander Ramsey Park, which specific campsite would you pick and why?

Jackie Edwards: Oh, I think they’re all very good. You know, the lower level. There’s some on the river. The middle level is more primitive. And then the upper level is viewing the golf course. So, I think each site has its own unique feature and they’re all very good.

Camp Minnesota: All right, perfect. Well, thanks for giving us the information today about Alexander Ramsey Park. I certainly wasn’t expecting that, if I visit, I can check out elk and buffalo and goats, and all sorts of other things. That sounds great. Much appreciated. We’re looking to get some of this information out to the visitors on our website, and thanks again for your time, Jackie.

Jackie Edwards: Thank you.

Camp Minnesota: All right, cool. So, we’ll go ahead and get that posted. And it usually takes about a week or so.

Jackie Edwards: Okay.

Camp Minnesota: And then I have RECDEPT, for Rec Department I guess. [email protected] as an email address.

Jackie Edwards: That’s correct.

Camp Minnesota: Okay, cool. So, I’ll shoot you an email when we get it posted. And if you want to add any extra photos or change any of the info or anything, just let me know and it’s pretty easy to do.

Jackie Edwards: Very good. Well, thank you guys for thinking of us.

Camp Minnesota: Absolutely. Have a good week.

Jackie Edwards: Yeah, bye-bye.

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