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Pheasant Ridge RV Resort Camping Oregon

Camp Oregon recently spent some time speaking with the General Manager at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort. She shared with us the history of their resort, the amenities offered, and even where to take a trip through a submarine. Listen to our full interview here:

Pheasant Ridge RV Resort Camping Oregon

Camp Oregon: I’m talking with Terry today. She’s the General Manager at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort in Oregon. Terry, why don’t you get us started by giving us just a little bit of history about Pheasant Ridge RV Resort?


Terry: Well, Pheasant Ridge RV Resort was built in 1991, or I should say opened in 1991. We have been a property in transition. You know, one of those little places that opens with 60 pads and grew to 66, and then to 130. So, it’s been a labor of love over the years. We have 130 full hook-up sites with a rec room, an indoor swimming pool, a Laundromat, propane services, and a little grocery store. Nice, nice place. It is close to Wilsonville for Shopping. Our neighbors on two sides are a forest and a farmland. So, it’s really kind of serene and quiet, so we get the best of both worlds in that aspect.

CO: That sounds fantastic. Do you offer tent camping as well, or is it just RV?

Terry: No, we are unfortunately allowed to have RVs only, so it has to have wheels under it.

CO: Okay, sure. Now, what are some of your favorite attractions in and around that area? If I was staying there and I wanted to kind of venture out for the afternoon, what would you recommend?

Terry: We’ve got so many different things to offer for the history buffs. We have a number of pioneer-type interpretive centers all around us. We offer the agricultural buff – every type of plant and nursery is just so blessed with that sort of thing. So, upon season, they can pick their own blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, and cherries. Come and pick fresh stuff. Farmer’s markets in the spring and summer are found everywhere with the bounty of Oregon. It’s just incredible. I love that part about Oregon.

CO: Okay.

Terry: I mean I’m a food nut anyway, so what woman doesn’t like to eat, right?

CO: Sure. Sure.


Terry: We’ve got that. And then, on the other side, we have a lot of family sport-type activities, even the extreme activities. If you’re into that – I can’t think of the word.

CO: Zipline.

Terry: Yes, zipline. We’ve got zipling and we’ve got museums for the kids, where they can build things and play the scientist. We could keep you busy for hiking and biking, and seeing things probably a different event for a month.

CO: Awesome. Awesome.


Terry: That many fun things to do. Some is as expensive as parking in the parking lot and taking a hike down the river. Of course then you have, on the other side, Glenn Downtown, and taking a trip through the Bullmark Submarine. So you can actually go on an old fashioned submarine and tour it. So, you have a lot of variety.

CO: Okay, great. Thank you for giving that information to us about the surrounding area. Just two more questions for you, Terry. If you were just going to spend one hour hanging out at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort, what would you do with your time there?

Terry: It really depends on the season. We get a lot of liquid sunshine, and if you’re into the rest, we have a great hot tub and spa swimming pool. So, you could go put your feet up and your let your hair down, sit in the spa and just relax, or we have, like I said, all sorts of agricultural things. I think that is my favorite.

CO: Nice. Okay.

Terry: I’ll pick some apples or some cherries.

CO: Sure.

Terry: Depending on the time of year.

CO: Sure. And last question: if you were just going to spend one night at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort, which specific site would you stay at and why?


Terry: We have on that we call the penthouse. It is a back-in site because we’re on a hill. It’s at the top of the hill. You have no traffic around you. You don’t really have much of a view as much as you have privacy, and it’s right next to the Wi-Fi tower, so if Internet is important, you have that to play with as well.

CO: Perfect. Well, Terry, thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to educate us about the Pheasant Ridge RV Resort and the surrounding area there in Oregon.

Terry: Great. Well, thank you for giving me the opportunity.

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