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Camping Lindsey’s Resort in Arkansas

Camping and fishing often go hand-in-hand. We spoke with Billy from Lindsey’s Resort in Arkansas, and he told us exactly how they do it. Trout fishing, boat rental, guide service – and great campsites. Listen to our full interview here:


Camping Lindsey’s Resort, Arkansas

Camp Arkansas: I’m talking with Billy this morning, from Lindsey’s Resort. How’s it going this morning, Billy?

Billy: Doing well.

CA: So let’s start with how long Lindsey’s Resort has been there and how it got its start.

Billy: Well, actually, we’re starting our 50th year. My parents came here and started this in April 1965.

CA: Wow. And what are some of the most popular activities there for guests?


Billy: Well, of course we’re a trout fishing resort, so the trout fishing is kind of the focus of what goes on around here, but we’re a full service resort with cabins, full hookup RV sites, marina with boat and motor rental, guide service, and restaurant. Meeting facility, so we can handle corporate groups as well as family reunions and that kind of thing. So, just really pretty much a full service trout fishing resort. And of course, we’re in an area where there’s lots to do besides the fishing. There’s lots of 4,000-acre Lake on the other side of the dam from us, which is great for water sports as well as other types of fishing besides trout fishing, and then trails and shopping. Real quant downtown area with antique shops and art shops, and all kinds of things for folks to do when they’re not on the water. So, a lot of things going on in our area.

CA: Yeah, you answered my second question with that one there. Well, if you have a little bit of downtime, Billy, and you leave the resort, what’s your favorite place to go hang out in the area?

Billy: We love going to the coast, and we have an opportunity to do a little snow skiing once in a while, and so that’s our getaway.

CA: Okay, two more questions for you. If you could spend just one hour of time in Lindsey’s Resort, how would you spend your time?

Billy: I’d spend it on the river.

CA: Probably spend it fishing, huh?

Billy: You bet.

CA: Now, what’s the best time of the year for that?

Billy: Trout fishing is pretty much year round. It’s not real seasonal. Now, there are different types of fishing at different seasons of the year. Like we’re coming into the fall fishing, which is great fly fishing time. It’s a great time for waiting and fishing for large brown trout as well as rainbows and brook and cutthroat, but the brown trout fishing is really the focus of the fall fishing probably as far as the fly fishing is concerned. And then spin fishing is good, and it’s year round.

CA: Okay. Now, if I was going to spend just one night at the resort there, which particular campsite or cabin would you set me up?

Billy: Well, probably, if you’re really looking for something special as far as lodging accommodations, one of our couples cabins, which are kind of a honeymoon-type cabin or individual cedar log cabins with a king bed, two-person Jacuzzi, gas log fireplace, kitchenette, and some of those are right on the riverbank overlooking the river, and those are pretty special. RV site-wise, all of our RV sites are within about 75 yards of the waterfront and they’re all full hookup RV sites. Water, electric, sewer, and cable TV. 50amp as well as 30amp plugs. So, we’re not like a Army Corp of engineers, where we have hundreds of sites, but we have about 25, you know, pretty nicely outfitted campsites.

CA: Okay, that place sounds fantastic. Well, thank you so much for taking a little bit of time this morning to chat with us. We’ll go ahead and get this information out to our visitors.

Billy: That’d be great.

CA: Thanks a lot, Billy.

Billy: Thank you.

Visit Lindsey’s Resort Website

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