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Make Your Visit Unique: Explore the Appalachian Mountains with a Pedal Train Cart

Here’s an awesome way to get outdoors and sightsee: a pedal-driven train cart through the Appalachian Mountains. The Andrews Valley Rail Tours in North Carolina has 10 miles of tracks that allow visitors to pedal through a valley with amazing mountain views.

The whole tour takes about two hours. Fortunately, the cars have an electric pedal assist when you need to go uphill, or when riders get tired of pedaling. Each car fits four people, making it an ideal way for families to experience the outdoors.

A social media influencer recently post shared her experience with the pedal train car:

The tour starts near the town of Andrews, North Carolina, with plenty of highlights, but the Valley River Tunnel may be the best part. The hand-carved tunnel is almost the length of a football field.

The company says the entire trip takes about two hours and costs $50 a person. Guests should bring snacks and water for the trip.

The attraction stays open until the holidays and then closes for the season. Owners say it will reopen to the public in the spring.

Would you try a pedal train car to explore the outdoors?

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