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Camping Hobbs State Park in Arkansas

Camping Accommodations

Hobbs State Park offers minimal parking accommodations for their guests. The park has 5 different primitive campsites with connecting hiking trails. Each of the campsites in the park has multiple tent sites and metal grills.


Hobbs State Park is actually the largest state park in Arkansas. Plateaus, ridges, streams, and valleys make up the landscape of the Hobbs State Park. This park features pine, oak, and hickory trees; as well as several water features including springs, streams, and seeps. WiFi access is available in the visitor’s center for the convenience of all the park guests.

Things to do

One of the main reasons that individuals come to Hobbs State Park is to be one with nature and hike down all the trails. The park actually offers three different types of hiking trails including easy trails, moderate trails, and strenuous trails. Hobbs State Park offers their guests a wide range of workshops and programs all year long. The park is also home to the only outdoor public shooting range with a bullet trap in the state of Arkansas.

Photo courtesy of Doug Wertman

Hobbs State Park
20201 East Highway 12
Rogers, AR 72756
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 479-789-5000

Operating hours
Visitor Center:
8AM to 5PM

Shooting Range:
8AM to 30 minutes before sunset

VIC Classroom: $ 75.00 per use or $125.00 per day
VIC Two Classrooms: $150.00 per use or $250.00 per day
Clean-Up Deposit: $100 per use

Adult: $10 per person
Child (6 through 12): $5 per person

Adult: $12 per person
Child (6 through 12): $6 per person

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