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Camping Dillon KOA in West Montana

Camping Dillon KOA in West Montana

Camp Montana: I’m talking with Bob this morning. Him and his wife own the Dillon KOA in Montana. Bob, why don’t you get us started with giving us a little bit of background on that particular KOA there?

Camping Dillon KOA in West Montana Goat
The Dillon KOA is 20 acres and has 64 RV sites, four camping cabins, and 35 tent sites.

Bob: It’s about 20 acres. It’s bordered by the Beaverhead River, which is blue ribbon trout stream. Surrounded on three sides by mountains. The views are gorgeous. It’s Southwest Montana. We have 64 RV sites, four camping cabins, and 35 tent sites. 12 or 15 of the tent sites are right on the river. Some of the most premiere tent sites around.

Camp Montana: Awesome. Awesome. And what are the most popular activities for guests there at the campground?

Bob: Fishing. Hunting. Hiking. Biking. Rock hounding.

Camp Montana: Fun.

Bob: And ghost towns.

Camp Montana: Ghost towns. Tell me about the ghost towns. That sounds fun.

Bob: Well, we have Dainik State Park, which was the first provincial capital of Montana. And there are over 50 buildings from the 1800s. The story of a corrupt sheriff of which the townspeople had a revolt against and hung their own sheriff.

Camp Montana: Yeah.

Bob: And the gallows are there, and it’s billed as a ghost town.

Camp Montana: I’m sure many teenagers have dared each other to creep around there at night. That sounds like a pretty fun place to check out.

Bob: And on Halloween, there is the whole nighttime walk and ghost hunt, and all that.

Camp Montana: Sure. How far is that from your campground?

Bob: Dainik is, call it, 17 miles.

Camp Montana: Okay, so pretty close. Pretty close.

Bob: Yeah.

Camping Dillon KOA in West Montana pool
Poolside at the Dillon KOA

Camp Montana: And then in and around that area I suppose also tons of hunting, fishing, hiking – just about everything outdoorsmen would want. It sounds like your campground would be. That’s the kind of people you probably see there; are people maybe a little bit more active and want to get out and about. Would you say that’s true?

Bob: We are centrally located off of I-15, towards Yellow Stone and Glacier. And I’d say the number one reason people stop here would be on their way to Yellow Stone or Glacier.

Camp Montana: So, do you see a lot of? You must see some overflow in peak season then when people can’t find anywhere to camp in the Park and it’s probably convenient for them to camp there.

Bob: Well, we’re on the way, so we’re two and a half hours from West Yellow Stone.

Camp Montana: Okay.

Bob: And we’re about five and a half hours from Glacier.

Camp Montana: Perfect.

Bob: But we are three blocks off of I-15, which goes from Canada to San Diego.

Camp Montana: All right, perfect. So, two more questions for you. If you were just going to spend one hour at the Dillon KOA there, how would you spend your time there at the campground?

Bob: With or without children?

Camp Montana: Let’s say without.

Bob: Fish the Beaverhead River.

Camp Montana: Great. And what kind of fish? Is it trout over there?

Bob: In our section, mostly giant German brown.

Camp Montana: Wow.

Bob: 24, 26 inches.

Camp Montana: Awesome. Awesome. And last question for you, Bob. If you could spend just one night at the Dillon KOA there in Montana, which specific site would you stay at and why?

Bob: Which site inside of our campground?

Camping Dillon KOA in West Montana Cabin
A Cabin available for rent at the Dillon KOA

Camp Montana: Yeah. Yeah, what’s your favorite site?

Bob: Site 10.

Camp Montana: I’m going to guess that’s one right on the river.

Bob: No. Our river sites are all tent sites.

Camp Montana: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Bob: Yeah, that’s what I meant by the premiere. We’re not allowed to have power or sewer down at the river.

Camp Montana: Sure. And tell me. What do you like about Site 10?

Bob: 50 amp full hook-up. Beautiful tree. Wonderful level lawn.

Camp Montana: All right, perfect. Well, that place sounds fantastic, Bob. Thank you for taking some time out of your morning to give us a little bit more information about the surrounding area there and also to tell us more about the Dillon KOA in Montana.

Bob: No worries.

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