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Video Serves as a Hilarious Reminder That Sometimes a National Park Can Be Disappointing

Today marks “National Plan For Vacation Day.” The day is a great way to ditch some winter blues in hopes of making fun travel plans for the outdoors. For many, national parks will top their list, with beautiful views from Yosemite to Yellowstone to the Everglades. However, it’s important to check your expectations because sometimes a national park can be disappointing. At least one video proves this point.

It’s fair to say that every park has something to offer, whether history, views, or adventure. However, weather, crowds, and closures can make a well-planned trip lackluster. 

The weather is to blame for one recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

Take a look:

The video from Brian Ambrozy starts with a shot of his face on a snowy day. 

“I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon in my life. I’m 46-years-old, and I’m so excited to get out here,” says Ambrozy in the video. “You guys are not going to believe how incredible and majestic this is. I’m blown away. Here comes the big reveal.”

He then turns the come to show white-out conditions. There’s enough snow you can barely see the edges of the canyon. 

The video is obviously a joke, and plenty of comments applaud Ambrozy for being a good sport about his trip. In another post, he says he got a better view when the storm passed, and the light from the moon lit up the park.

“I did actually get to see a tiny bit of the Grand Canyon in the gorgeous full moonlight, so not all was lost,” Ambrozy wrote. “I absolutely love the humor of the situation, and I’m not sad at all.”

What was your most disappointing national park experience? 

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