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Aspen Family Campground NY

Aspen Family Campground NY

Camp New York: I’m talking with Jerry today. He’s the Owner at Aspen Family Campground in New York. Jerry, why don’t you get us started with how long Aspen Family Campground has been there and how it got started?

Jerry: Okay. We have been Aspen Family Campground now for two seasons. We took the place over back in 2005. It was under a different name, and when we took it over, under a different format, a nature’s format. And when that wasn’t working out too well, we decided that it was time to change, so we did and we became Aspen Family Campground.

CNY: And what types of camping do you offer there?

Jerry: We offer pretty much everything. We have 40 sites with hook-ups on them. 30amp and 50amp, sewer, water, and electric. Some sites do have septic. Unlimited tent sites on the campground. Pool. Hot tub. Lake. I’m sorry, no longer a hot tub. I take that back. We got rid of that, so it’s just like a pool and a lake. Volleyball. Basketball. Grass field. Lots of beautiful space for people to enjoy.

CNY: And what are the most popular activities for guests there?


Jerry: This is kind of a laid back campground. On the campground itself, they camp, cookout, campfires, fish, boat, and swim. They can walk through the woods, but the surrounding area – we’re in the (Unclear 1:13.7) Region. There’s a multitude of activities. The Watkins (Unclear 1:16.3) to the Wine Trail to the casinos. We’re pretty much located in the central hub of everything.

CNY: Okay, what are some of your favorite attractions in and around that area?

Jerry: My personal ones?

CNY: Yeah, what do you like to do.

Jerry: I like Watkins Glen. I like the lakes. I like the Wine Trail very much. They’re a lot of fun to go to. I’m not much of a casino type person. It’s all about nature. That’s the area we’re in, and it’s a very quiet and peaceful area. That’s the beauty of it.

CNY: Awesome. It sounds relaxing.

Jerry: It is.

CNY: Two more questions for you.

Jerry: Okay.

CNY: If you were just going to spend one at Aspen Family Campground, how would you spend your time there, Jerry?

Jerry: At the lake. Guaranteed. It’s the most beautiful, serene place you’ve ever seen. It’s grassed. About a five-acre pond. There is fishing. You can boat. You can swim. It’s peacefully quiet. All you hear is trees and nature. No other noise.

CNY: Wonderful. And if you could spend just one night at Aspen Family Campground, where would you stay at in the campground there?

Jerry: Well, not home with my wife. I’d probably try and camp someplace up in the field. We have a beautiful camping field, which partially nestled in the woods, which is an awesome place to camp.


CNY: Perfect. We’ll get that little inside tip out to our listeners. Thank you so much, Jerry, for taking some time out of your day to talk with us about Aspen Family Campground in New York.

Jerry: And I thank you very much for calling.

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