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Alpine Innovations Tether Case – Never Lose Your Camera On The Trail

The Alpine Innovations Tether Case was designed to hold on to your phone, camera, mp3 player etc. Really anything you wouldn’t want to lose or drop on the trail. We think that it really shines as a camera case, and here’s why.

The neoprene case is small, stretchy and bendable, yet protective. It flips open so that your belongs stay secure in the case. Once you flip it open you can easily access your camera with the best part being it’s tethered to the case guaranteeing you won’t set it down and forget or drop it.

alpine innovations tether case
Alpine Innovations Tether Case

As an added bonus to the tether there is also a lens cleaning cloth to keep your camera, phone etc clean while you are out hiking or at the campsite. You would have a hard time losing the Tether Case as it comes with a nice lanyard to wear around your neck or across your body.


Get to know the Alpine Innovations Tether Case

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