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Altra Olympus 2 Trail Shoes Review

If you were going to build a pair of shoes, but didn’t really “know” anything about it, what would be your first step? I think I would probably put a heavy piece of paper down on the ground and use a Sharpie to trace around my feet. Seems to make the most sense that a well-built shoe would be shaped like the foot, right? Well, that’s exactly how Altra began development of its entire line, including the Altra Olympus 2 Trail Shoes.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. Think about when your feet are at their most comfortable and natural, like when you roll out of bed in the morning and put bare feet down on the floor. They are flat on the floor. Your toes are a bit splayed to the sides providing ultimate comfort and stability. Yet when you put on almost any modern shoes, your heel is raised, immediately shifting your weight forward and changing your entire posture. Most shoes also compress your toes together to some degree. This is not natural. It does not take advantage of the incredible technical mechanism that is the human foot.

Altra discovered that in the Western World we spend $26 billion a year on footwear and $28 billion treating foot pain and problems. In the regions of the world where shoes are seldom worn, less than three percent of the people complain of the same foot maladies.

So all Altra shoes have two primary design elements: 1) Zero Drop — which means a flat footbed in which the heel and forefoot are both the same distance from the ground. 2) Footshape Toe Box — allowing the toes to relax and spread out naturally.

When you put on a pair of Altra Olympus 2 Trail Shoes and look down at your feet, it takes some getting used to. They aren’t likely to win any awards in a traditional fashion sense. But close your eyes, walk a few steps and FEEL your feet. You will immediately “get it.” This is an absolute case of function over form. Wear them a day and you’ll think they are the most beautiful things you ever put on your feet.

All of this incredible design goes into all Altra’s shoes and is aimed at hard core trail runners, but just like Formula One auto racers’ technology ends up benefiting everyday drivers on the street, Altra’s tech applies beautifully to casual hikers, car campers, and even daily office goers. More comfort, fewer foot problems — what’s not to love?

The Altra Olympus 2 Trail Shoe features maximum cushioning, Vibram MegaGrip outsole and a soft, flexible upper. They are extremely light weight, and they are ready to hike/run the first time you put them on!

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