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Bear Grylls’ Latest Adventure Ride is a Fold Up Bicycle

When adventurer, survivalist and TV host Bear Grylls isn’t out in the wild on his latest campaign, you might find him zipping around London on his new Brompton bicycle.

Grylls and the cycling company are teaming up for their latest folding bicycle, the Bear Grylls C Line Explore. The “moss green” ride folds up in less than 20 seconds to stash the bike inside or wherever you need it to go.

bear grylls bicycle
The Brompton Bear Grylls C Line Bike. (Source: Brompton)

“I have loved using the bikes all my adult life,” says Grylls in a Q&A with Brompton. “It’s something about the convenience and accessibility that carrying this simple bike brings. It’s hard to describe, but I love the Brompton ethos that brings adventure to the everyday.”

The bike also comes with a waterproof backpack and pouch that you can use to load up your gear for the day or whatever else you need for your latest adventure.

Grylls shared a photo on his Twitter account as he folded the bike while with his son in London.

The foldable bike means it’s easy to bring along with you when you travel.

“I often use it for zipping across London – I’ve found it’s 100% the fastest way to get around a congested city, as well as (getting) some exercise and fresh air with it,” says Grylls about cycling. “I also love to use the bike when I’m on the road traveling overseas. It opens up so many cool places that you simply wouldn’t see if you just fly in and jump in a cab to wherever you’re going.”

The bike is also available in the U.S., starting at $2,5000. It has six speeds and a flexible saddle to make your ride even more comfortable.

Have you rode a bike through a major city? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. If your healthy. Get a brompton or a least a good quality folding bike. Just do it you’ll never be sorry!

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