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‘The Scariest Moment I Ever Experienced’: Watch a Diver Swim Away from a Crocodile

A diving instructor recently shared a clip of a swim in Mexico where a crocodile followed him. The video went viral and kept enough people on the edge of their seats that the diver shared a second clip to show what happens next.

Here’s the first video from Instagram user @underwater_hadrien:

Described as “the scariest moment I ever experienced in the water,” this Instagram user says the video is from three years ago, but he’s just now sharing it. While the diver works in the Maldives now, the recent crocodile video came from Tulum, Mexico. In the clip, you see the crocodile dive into the water where the diver is already swimming. The animal then heads straight in his direction and cuts off.

Enough people demanded to see more, so the diver shared a second video:

In the second video, the animal follows the diver who, out of instinct, swam away. However, the diver says the crocodile went on his way once he stopped swimming.

The diver is in Casa Cenote, a famous freshwater swimming hole. In the video, he refers to the animal as “Pancho,” if you search more about Casa Cenote, you’ll find multiple reports about Pancho, the crocodile that calls the area home. Travel bloggers say the animal is relatively used to swimming with humans.

In the U.S., crocodiles can only be found in the Florida Everglades. While alligators greatly outnumber crocodiles, crocs are generally known to be more aggressive. 

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