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WATCH: ‘Charging’ Rams Give Family a Fright in Glacier National Park

A TikTok video with 2.6 million views shows what hikers should when they encounter wildlife in a national park. In the video taken by TikTok user Carrie, who is with her family, you can see hikers quickly getting off the narrow path by scrambling up the mountain side of the trail (the other side is a drop).

Shortly after the hikers climb to safety, a male bighorn sheep peeks around the corner, then runs by them. Moments later, another ram looks curiously at the hikers before barreling past them.

The family was hiking the Highline Trail in Montana’s Glacier National Park when they encountered the “charging” rams. The Highline Trail is a challenging, nearly 15-mile out-and-back trail that takes approximately seven hours to complete.

Besides bighorn sheep, Glacier National Park is home to mountain goats, bears, mountain lions, and elk. Smaller mammals in Glacier include pikas, lynx, and even wolverines.

According to the National Park Service, the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep that live in Glacier have large horns that can weigh up to 30 pounds. These animals can climb steep terrain, so hikers must watch for them, even when they’re high up on mountain trails. Thankfully, in this instance, the hikers knew to get out of the way, and no one was injured.

The Los Angeles Rams gave an epic rely to Carrie’s video, saying: “Sorry just passing through.”

charging rams TikTok reply

The NFL Rams’ description of the real-life rams’ behavior is likely accurate. In a true “charge,” male bighorns run at each other, battling with their horns until one animal backs off and retreats. The video shows rams running fast down the trail but not engaging with each other or with the hikers.

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