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WATCH: Wild Boar Charges at Snowboarders at Ski Resort

In a video shared by Unofficial Networks on Instagram, a wild boar interrupts a group of snowboarders enjoying the snow at a ski resort in Myoko, Japan by charging at them.

The clip shows the wild boar appear out of nowhere, heading straight towards the group from behind. Totally unafraid of the humans, the boar charges at the unsuspecting snowboarders at full speed, knocking one boarder off their feet.

Wild boar, or feral pigs, are an invasive non-native species, with large widespread populations across the world. They prey on native wildlife and cause a threat to endangered plants and animals. 

In the U.S., wild boars are a particular problem for agriculture and in recent years have caused lots of damage to crops in rural areas. Although they have been eradicated in states such as Colorado, they continue to cause problems in southern states of Texas and Utah.

They are stocky and strong animals, and they are not picky about where they live or what they eat. They can reproduce at high rates and adult wild boar have no natural predators.

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