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Watch: Wild Hogs Scare Two Women on a Texas Bike Path

Two women recently recorded a video of wild hogs running out of the woods while biking on a paved trail. According to a social media post, the two people were cycling in Austin, Texas, when a pack of the animals came sprinting towards them.

Check out the clip:

One of the women shared the clip with KXAN, a local NBC affiliate in the area. They told the news station there were somewhere between 15 and 20 hogs. When they first spotted them, the two tried to ride faster to avoid the herd, but the animals quickly caught up. They say they’ve seen wild hogs in the area before but never this close.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, wild hogs live all over the state. While some are simply domestic pigs that are now feral, some are also hybrids with boars. The state works with the federal government to try and manage the population of the invasive species.

The animal is known to damage property and costs around 1.5 billion dollars yearly. The agriculture industry is the most impacted. 

Wildlife officials use hunting and other similar tactics to handle the population.

Officials say wild hogs can also be dangerous, and many documented attacks are on record. It’s best to keep your distance if you see a wild hog.

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