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WATCH: Dog vs. Coyote Pack in a Massachusetts Yard

Three coyotes didn’t expect a find a dog holding its ground when they entered a Cohasset, Massachusetts yard on Friday night. In this three-against-one fight, who do you think stakes a claim on the yard, the lone dog or the coyote trio?

In a short clip shared with CBS Boston by Patrick Coyle, a security camera captures the moment three coyotes surround a dog near its owner’s house. The three coyotes are light brown, and the family dog has dark-colored fur.

The dog barks repeatedly and dodges the coyotes as they lunge for it. The coyotes fight the dog back so it’s nearly offscreen, but then they turn and leave as the dog continues to sound the alarm by barking. Did the dog scare them off, or did something else spook them into leaving?

Watch as a dog fights off three coyotes here:

Eastern Coyotes in Massachusetts

The eastern coyote lives throughout most of Massachusetts and thrives in suburban, urban, and rural areas. Coyotes will eat just about whatever’s available to them, including small animals, fruit, garbage, and pet food.

It’s possible the pack came into the yard looking for some free food. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

We’ve seen a mountain lion fight off three coyotes, but this dog managed to do it too. Hopefully this loyal family pet got some treats and love after the stressful encounter.

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