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Watch This Adorable Baby Mountain Goat Get ‘Zoomies’ on a 14,000-Foot Mountain

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is sharing a new video of a baby mountain goat zooming around the top of a mountain.

The video comes from Leadville, Colorado, where a hiker was working on summiting a 14er. 

Marceleno Diaz captured the video and said, “It was amazing to see this baby goat acting like any other child, just playing in the snow. It was such a beautiful moment I started crying after the video. Nature is so beautiful, and I am so lucky to be able to witness it here.”

As the post points out, mountain goats live at high elevations, but this mom-and-goat-kid pair is exceptionally high at 14,000 feet. So, this was truly a sight to see.

Mountain goats live in the Rocky Mountains and some mountain ranges in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve adapted to high elevations to avoid predators. 

While this rock hopping looks dangerous for a human, mountain goats are highly skilled in this terrain. Newborns often scramble on their own just days after birth.

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