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Bachelorette Party Gone Wild: Trapped Bear ‘Absolutely Destroys’ Inside of Car

A surprise and unwelcome guest crashed a bachelorette party and destroyed a car in the process. To make it worse, the visitor, a local black bear, ends up trapped inside someone’s vehicle.

According to Instagram user Alejandra Hernandez, she was celebrating at a bachelorette party with friends in the Tahoe area when they discovered the bear. In her video, the bear decides to claw and chew its way back out, tearing up the interior of her car.

Police eventually arrive and use a rope to open the car door to release the bear. Surprisingly, the bear decides to stick around a little longer, and party guests and local law enforcement are forced to make a ton of noise to scare the bear away.

Besides the damage, Hernandez also found bear scat left behind. She’s still waiting to learn if the car is worth repairing. 

According to tahoebear.org, visitors and residents should keep car doors locked and also remove any food or scented items from vehicles as they can attract bears. The website warns visitors to lock doors and windows to homes as bears will try just about anything.

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