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There’s a New World Record for Diving, and the Video is Terrifying

A new video shared on Instagram this week shows the 132-foot world record for diving. However, this isn’t any high dive. The jump is called a death dive, and along with the unsettling name, there is a terrifying video that showcases the leap.

Ken Stornes made this dive in Norway and shared the video soon afterward.

“Once again, we take the deathdive world record back to Norway where it belongs,” posted Stornes. “This was insane!”

Stornes is a combat veteran and adventuring influencer with more than half a million followers.

Death diving is a technique where divers try to keep their bodies flat for as long as possible. That’s what gives this dive the look of a bellyflop. However, he does curl up at the last second.

As far as why Stornes chucks the rock before he jumps, it seems like the majority of commenters believe it’s to break the water’s surface pressure. That would make sense, as even with water, hitting it from 132 feet up could be easily painful, if not worse. 

To get a better understanding of how far down this is, 132 feet is just short of 11 stories. The Statue of Liberty is 22 stories.

Comments to the terrifying dive include, “Something tells me this (record) is gonna stand for a long time” and “How do you not die?”

While this dive is absolutely wild, it actually doesn’t come close to the standard cliff jump world record. According to Guinness World Records, the highest cliff jump is 191 feet and 11 inches.

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