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Would You Take a Train to a National Park? Amtrak Thinks You Should

A new advertising campaign for Amtrak links riders to their favorite National Park Service by train. 

The video ad shows destinations like Glacier, Indiana Dunes and New River Gorge, with stops close to the park. 

The video also highlights spots like Joshua Tree and Arches National Parks, which are more than 30 miles from the park. The distance has led to arguments on social media that the train doesn’t get you to the park. You’d need to rent a car or make other arrangements to complete the final leg of the journey. 

“Being 33 miles from the national park isn’t exactly seeing the national park by train,” commented @keleysaesthetics.

“I’ve taken the Builder (line) a number of times. I like getting off at Whitefish where u can at least rent a car and drive through (Glacier National) Park,” commented @legacycookbook. “The next day, re-board the train to continue by enjoying the train ride through the Rockies.”

The idea of reducing traffic in a national park has some appeal, as parks deal with gridlock traffic and parking issues. Some destinations like Zion National Park provide bus services to visitors to get people to and from trailheads. 

Would you travel by train to your favorite national park destination?

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