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A Wildlife Photographer Captures Insane Amount of Life in Florida Springs

A wildlife photographer in Florida is highlighting the beauty of the state’s natural springs. He’s also urging people to keep the images in mind in the name of conservation. 

Joseph Ricketts filmed this video on a paddleboard in one of the state’s freshwater springs.

The video shows all the different plants found living in the water. The area is a protected space where only kayaks or paddleboards are allowed. Swimming is not allowed to protect the pristine area.

In his post, Ricketts wrote, “Florida springs are typically characterized by clear, blue water and a sandy floor. However, these freshwater habitats are naturally filled with a beautiful assortment of aquatic plants.”

Ricketts says that these areas have become rarer over time as human interaction has unfortunately left many of them damaged. However, he believes it’s important to allow visitors to swim in the springs, because it helps them fall in love with the area, which could kindle their desire to preserve it. 

Florida’s Natural Springs

When thinking of Florida, most imagine the ocean coastline or the marshy areas of the Everglades, but the state is also full of freshwater springs. In fact, the Sunshine State has more springs than any other state in the country. On top of that, 90% of Florida’s drinking water comes from the springs and this groundwater, making it vital to the state’s survival.

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the state introduced new steps to protect these water sources in 2016. Organizations focused on protecting the springs say rare plants like orchids, lilies, eelgrass, and ancient cypress trees rely on the springs for survival. These plants are also part of a food chain necessary for wildlife in the state.

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