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7 Boats to Buy If You Win the Lottery

What would you buy if you won the lottery? I’m not talking about a $50 scratch-off payout; I mean the big one—the genuinely life-changing money that we dream about after picking our Powerball numbers.

I’m not a financial expert, but I’m pretty sure that jackpots that big come with a moral obligation to buy something that floats and has at least two commas on the price tag. That kind of money also gives you the opportunity to be a person of culture and delve into the timeless art of sailing—presumably to exotic destinations where you collect fine art. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have brute speed on tap whenever you desire a hit of adrenaline. 

If you ever do win the lottery, here are some of the boats you need to take a look at. These should at least cover your basic needs (in no particular order). Bon voyage!

1. Amels 80

Image by Amels Yachting

I’ve heard that when the rich and famous gather in Monaco, the wealthiest visitors don’t dock in the harbor; they anchor offshore, because their superyachts don’t fit in the harbor. When that is a problem you’re lucky enough to face, treat yourself to the Amels 80.

The Amels 80 is the pinnacle of the Dutch yacht-maker’s impressive offerings. It’s nearly as long as a football field and comes equipped with six guest suites plus an entire deck dedicated to the owner’s privacy. The captain and a crew of 20 will make sure your journey is nothing short of delightful. With a maximum range of 5,000 nautical miles without refueling, the world is yours to explore.

What does all this excellence cost? Amels doesn’t provide pricing, since its builds are custom jobs. As the saying goes, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. (But since you won the lottery, you don’t—so you can.) 

  • Style: Superyacht
  • Price: Built to spec
  • Length: 261 feet
  • Beam: 41 feet
  • Top speed: 16 knots

2. Oyster 885CB

Image by Oyster Yacts

Sailboats have remained popular in spite of technological advancements for a reason—there’s something primal and inherently satisfying about harnessing the wind and blasting across the water in near silence. Doing that in total luxury is nice, too, and perhaps nobody knows that better than the people at Oyster.

The Oyster 885CB is 90 feet of hand-crafted opulence and exquisite materials. It’s built to cross oceans in comfort and at great speed, thanks to efficient sails and incredibly strong construction. When the winds don’t cooperate, you’ll have a pair of 330-horsepower turbocharged Cummins engines and 925 gallons of diesel at the ready.

What makes the CB-version of the 885 special is a shallow-draft centerboard keel that reduces the vessel’s draft from 11.5 feet to 7.5 feet. That means you can slip into shallow waters and remote beaches that are off-limits to other boats of this size. That exclusivity will be a nice little treat for the occupants of all four guest cabins on your Oyster 885CB.

  • Style: Sailing yacht
  • Price: $5 million (starting)
  • Length: 90 feet
  • Beam: 21 feet
  • Top speed: Not specified

3. Candela C-8

Image by Candela

The spec sheet for the Candela C-8 reads like something out of a science-fiction novel, but it’s very real and the company is taking orders now. The all-electric hydrofoil is packed with cutting-edge technology that helps it conquer the Baltic Sea outside the Swedish factory safely, efficiently, and in style.

Inside the C-8’s carbon-fiber hull is a 69-kilowatt-hour battery that drives a silent electric motor capable of pushing the boat to a top speed of 27 knots. Two retractable hydrofoils and a mind-boggling stability-control system lift the hull above the waves so even 3-foot swells won’t rock the boat. At 22 knots, you can expect a range of 57 nautical miles.

The C-8 charges quickly, but good luck finding dock space that accommodates water-going EVs. This isn’t exactly a practical purchase, but lottery winners aren’t burdened with the need to be practical. The Candela C-8 is incredibly unique and delightful to drive—and you’ll get to enjoy watching boat-making technology try to keep up with you.  

  • Style: Electric hydrofoil
  • Price: $395,000 (starting)
  • Length: 28 feet
  • Beam: 8 feet
  • Top speed: 27 knots

4. Fountain 42 Lightning

Image by Fountain Powerboats

Throwing your money around is bad form, but there are times when you might need to snap the throttle open and remind someone that you are indeed the fastest person on the water. When that time comes, you’ll want to be sitting in a Fountain 42 Lightning.

There are lots of facts and figures on Fountain’s website, but the one that matters is this: you can spec the Fountain 42 Lightning with a pair of 9.0-liter Mercruiser engines that combine to produce a time-space continuum-bending 2,700 horsepower. Those engines are wrapped in a beautiful hull and a high-end cockpit that looks more sophisticated than flashy.

Screaming across the water at 140 knots requires serious engineering. The company doesn’t list prices on its website, but I found used examples listed for as much as $390,000. It’s hard to put a price on that kind of speed, though, so a 42 Lightning should definitely be on your post-jackpot shopping list.

  • Style: Speedboat
  • Price: Not specified
  • Length: 42 feet
  • Beam: 8 feet
  • Top speed: 140 knots

5. Aviara AV28S

Image by Aviara Boats

How do you follow the adrenaline rush of winning the lottery? Wakeboarding behind the Aviara AV28S should do the trick. This incredible wake boat offers all the performance you need and all the amenities you want.

The AV28S is a great wakeboarding platform thanks to 1,800 pounds of ballast, a power-folding wake tower, and a submersible swim platform. Being in the driver’s seat isn’t bad, either, because you’ll get to enjoy HD digital gauges and seats that stay cool in the sun. Best of all, there’s a full-featured head with running water for long days on the lake.

There are plenty of great wake boats out there, but none of them match the luxury of the AV28S. It’s a stellar performer. It’s loaded with luxury. I’ll be shocked if you don’t feel like James Bond every time you pull away from the dock and grab a handful of throttle.

  • Style: Wake boat
  • Price: Not specified
  • Length: 28 feet
  • Beam: 8.5 feet
  • Top speed: Not specified

6. Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

Image by Boston Whaler

Maybe this is the New Englander in me, but I can’t imagine a wishlist of boats that doesn’t include a Boston Whaler. If you’re going to spend some of your lottery winnings on fishing trips for you and your buddies, it should be in a personalized Boston Whaler 420 Outrage.

The 420 Outrage uses the company’s famous “unsinkable” hull, a prep area with hot and cold running fresh water, a cooking area, a private head, and a 40-gallon livewell. Deck out your fishing boat with optional colors, entertainment features, and advanced electronics. Six engine options are available, including quad-V8 and triple-V12 setups. The most powerful configuration can push the 29,500-pound vessel to a top speed of 53 knots.

Boston Whalers are a bit like G-Shock watches and old Land Cruisers—everybody seems to love them, regardless of income level. The 420 Outrage carries on Boston Whaler’s hard-nosed, blue-collar image while offering truly exceptional performance and amenities that blur the line between a fishing boat and a yacht. 

  • Style: Fishing boat
  • Price: $499,000 (starting)
  • Length: 42 feet
  • Beam: 13 feet
  • Top speed: 60 knots

7. Boesch 860 Monaco Deluxe

Image by Boesch

When you’re wealthy enough to focus on wants rather than needs, you can afford to ignore spec sheets every once in a while. The Boesch 860 Monaco Deluxe has measurements and features, I’m sure, but that’s not why people buy it. This boat is so beautiful that merely looking at it might break your heart. 

Swiss artisans craft every component, surface, and visual line of the 860 Monaco Deluxe to be immaculate. The hull’s 11 layers of mahogany are stronger than modern fiberglass hulls. The resin epoxy reflects the scenery around you like a mirror. While electric propulsion is an option, this boat really should be experienced with the beautiful soundtrack of a burbling V8 duet.

This isn’t a performance machine or a floating home. You can certainly use it to get from place to place (maybe from your villa to a lakeside gelato shop), but what it’s really good at is oozing style and class. Throw on some Italian sunglasses and let the wind style your hair. You deserve it, after all.

  • Style: Runabout
  • Price: Not specified
  • Length: 28 feet
  • Beam: 9 feet
  • Top speed: 42 knots
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