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Sea Turtle Rescued from Freshwater Pond in a Florida Trailer Park

A conservation group in Florida has a wild story to tell after rescuing a sea turtle from a freshwater pond in a trailer park.

According to the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, there were reports of a green sea turtle living in a freshwater pond in the Fort Myers area. While it’s not far from the Gulf of Mexico, sea turtles should live in salt water.

The organization, which focuses on protecting the area’s ecosystem, says they believe the turtle may have ended up in the pond a year ago after Hurricane Ian. The powerful storm surge brought water inland and possibly pushed the turtle from the Gulf into the pond. Once the water receded, the animal had no way to get home.

Wildlife officials think the sea turtle ate green algae to survive over the past year. The retention had terrible water quality and was full of debris, including golf carts. 

Fortunately, the SCCF foundation managed to rescue the turtle and rerelease it into nearby Tarpon Bay. They say the turtle is in good health.

Green sea turtles are found throughout the world. Biologists consider them unique in the sea turtle world as they are herbivores and primarily eat seaweed.

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