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A Trail Camera Captures A Parade of Wildlife Using a Water Crossing

A recently shared social media video shows how important an easy water crossing is to wildlife. The clip is from Massachusetts, where a tree trunk lies across a river. The tree allows for a parade of animals to cross safely.

Watch the video:

In the video, a bear, coyote deer, fishers, and multiple birds, including owls and herons, use the log to rest or cross the water. 

There aren’t too many other details on the location. However, the video comes from Neil Rice, whose profile says he lives in Central Massachusetts. Rice calls his videos “the log cam.” Rice has multiple videos from the camera that capture all kinds of wildlife that call the area home. 

Rice’s videos serve as a reminder that wilderness can be found almost anywhere if you know where to look.

Are you thinking about capturing your own trail camera videos?

A representative from a trail camera company spoke with Outdoors.com about why water crossings her one of the best spots to record wildlife.

“For the most part, if animals can avoid going through the water, they’re going to. Finding those areas will give you a funneling effect that isn’t just going to show a particular animal but is going to bring all wildlife into a particular area. They’re going to use a natural bridge. So, if you can find those crossovers, that’s a great location,” said Trent Marsh from SPYPOINT in a previous interview with Outdoors.com.

If you want a trail camera to record wildlife videos, you can check out available cameras in the Outdoors.com store.

We also have this helpful guide to help you figure out which camera is best for you.

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