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A Security Video Captures Large Pack of Coyotes Roaming in Massachusetts

A security camera captured a large pack of coyotes moving through a Massachusetts coastal town. CBS News shared the video from viewer Jeffrey Adler. As they point out, it is surprising to see so many of the coyotes traveling together. 

The video shows at least eight coyotes traversing a snowy lawn in Cohasset, a little south of Boston.

Check it out:

Coyotes will sometimes travel in packs, but it often includes their offspring. According to the National Park Service (NPS), coyotes will leave the group, which is a family, once they are old enough. However, in this video, it’s hard to tell if any are offspring based on their size.

The next part of this video that turned heads was the daylight. Although many know the animal as nocturnal, and coyotes usually prefer to visit urban areas at night to avoid humans, experts say the animals can be on the hunt almost all hours of the day or night.

“For a coyote to acquire enough territory to survive, it is normal for them to use multiple fragmented natural habitats and routinely traverse through urban neighborhoods,” says NPS officials. “Coyotes are opportunistic eaters, and while moving through these neighborhoods, if they see an easy meal such as fruit from trees, scraps in trash cans, rabbits on the lawn, or the pet food on the porch, they are likely going to eat whatever they find.”

Communities with coyotes should properly store trash and keep an eye on smaller pets.

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