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Red Bull Rampage: Watch Drops, Backflips and More Terrifying Highlights From This Year’s Controversial Event

Another year is in the books from this year’s Red Bull Rampage. The annual event brings mountain bikers to southern Utah outside Zion National Park. The freestyle rides include massive drops and backflips, leaving many people thinking, “This is terrifying.”

Judges will name the winner of Red Bull Rampage based on riding performance. This year’s champion is 37-year-old Cam Zink. He posted to Instagram about the event, saying, “If I could bottle the emotions from just one Rampage, especially this one, I could have enough for a lifetime.”

Like any other sporting event, not everyone is happy. Many comments question the judge’s decision, with some debating the difficulty of the lines the riders chose to use or how they performed, especially after an intense ride from Bienvenido Aguado.

Comments include, “Rampage is dead after this. There’s no coming back from such horrible judging,” and “How this isn’t the winning run is beyond me.”

Regardless of your view, one thing is for sure, the event captures some of the wildest rides that mountain biking has to offer.

Would you ride any of these routes?

Here’s some gear to get you started.

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