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Woman Found Dead in Bryce Canyon National Park After Heavy Rain Moves Through the Area

Officials with Bryce Canyon National Park say they found the body of a 64-year-old woman who failed to show up after she went on a hike on Friday.

Park rangers responded to the Fairyland Loop Trail around 7 p.m. to search for Jeanne Roblez Howell. They say she was visiting from Arizona and didn’t return after leaving to hike around 2 p.m.

The search went into the night and involved the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and the Utah Department of Public Safety. They say they found Howell’s body around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in Campbell Canyon. 

Park officials did not give a definitive cause of death but said a thunderstorm with heavy rain hit Bryce Canyon National Park on Friday afternoon. There is evidence of flash flooding in dry washes along the 8-mile trail where Howell was hiking. 

“This is a tragic event, and our deepest sympathy goes out to the victim’s friends and family,” said acting Bryce Canyon superintendent Allana Olbrich in a press release. “I also want to express the park’s appreciation for the support we’ve received from the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and the Utah Department of Public Safety.”

Bryce Canyon is known for its wild rock formations and slot canyons. While fun to explore, rangers warn about the dangers of flash flooding in the area. These concerns are higher during the late summer, which is monsoon season. According to the national park’s page, flash flooding can happen even with blue skies. Keeping the weather in mind is critical.

Here is advice from Bear Grylls on staying safe in a flash flood.

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