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Caught on Video: Snowboarders Record an Avalanche

A new viral clip shows what it looks like to be near an avalanche. The video posted on social media comes from a group of snowboarders visiting Lee Canyon in Nevada. The location is near Mount Charleston, less than an hour west of Las Vegas.

Watch the video:

In the post, you can see near white out conditions. The scene gets even more extreme as a cloud of snow makes its way down the mountain.

There have already been multiple avalanches this season, which is expected. However, one incident turned deadly at a California ski resort. In a recent case in Grand Teton National Park, rescuers were using a helicopter to rescue an injured skier.

In this recent post from Nevada, many comments ask why the people are bothering to film the event and if they’re putting themselves in danger. So what should you do?

While there are plenty of tips on avoiding avalanche-prone areas, there is less advice on what to do if you end up in the path of one.

Generally, there are two things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to move diagonally to the avalanche to try and make it to the edge. Hopefully, this will help skiers and snowboarders avoid getting swept away. However, if it’s too large, point your feet downhill so your lower body takes more of the impact than your head. Additional gear, like an avalanche beacon, also saves lives.

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