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Viral Video Captures ‘BoomBoom the Bison’s’ Repeated Home Break-ins

A viral video from about a month ago is making rounds again, capturing “BoomBoom the Bison” and his home break-in capabilities.

Hayden Kittler, a rancher in Montana, captured the video when he returned home and found BoomBoom inside his home.

From Kittler’s exhausted and irritated response, you can tell this isn’t BoomBoom’s first time breaking into the home.

In another social media comment, Kittler explains that BoomBoom was orphaned as a baby, and Kittler spent time raising the bison inside the home. Since then, the animal has been trying to get back inside. However, a full-grown male bison can weigh between 1,000 and 2,200 pounds, so it’s probably not something you want in your home.

The video shows the damage left behind by the massive animal. Besides the damage at the entrance, you can see that BoomBoom overturned furniture and pushed a whole table aside.

Kittler enters slowly and tries to keep the animal calm. Even as his longtime owner, Kittler is hesitant, as bison are known to ram in self-defense.

Kittler slowly moves a table and chair out of the way and tries to calm BoomBoom down. He eventually convinces BoomBoom to get back outside. However, it ends a little disappointingly for BoomBoom, who was hoping for food, only to be tricked. 

BoomBoom has been popular enough on TikTok and Instagram that Kittler is now selling a plushie toy of the bison to help raise money for its care.

Kittler’s video is a good reminder of the dangers of bison. Park rangers are continuing to remind visitors to national parks that they should keep a safe distance from wild animals. So far this year, there have been two cases of bisons injuring tourists.

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