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Watch: Washington State Wildlife Crossing Helps Elk, Bobcats, Otters and More Cross Busy Interstate

Another wildlife crossing highlighted by a state’s transportation department shows how pivotal these human-made structures are in protecting animals and people.

Washington State Department of Transportation’s Snoqualmie Pass Twitter account shared a video showing a mix of animals crossing over Interstate 90.

The video includes elk, a bobcat and otters using the land bridge to avoid traffic below. Interestingly, crossing stays busy no matter the time of day.

While these structures are great for conservation, they also protect people. Around 200 people are killed every year in collisions with wild animals. According to car insurance company State Farm, you are most at risk for crashes involving deer. Here’s a look:

  • Deer (1,378,542 crashes) 
  • Unidentified animals (235,836 crashes)
  • Rodents (101,949 crashes) 
  • Dogs (60,316 crashes) 
  • Raccoons (56,096 crashes)

The company says drivers need to pay attention to roadways, especially in areas with the risk of a wildlife crossing.

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