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Watch Officials Use Explosives to Set Off a Massive Avalanche in this Popular Mountain Town

If you’re ever in Telluride, Colorado, it’s hard to miss Ajax Peak. The mountain is iconic, and visitors can easily see it from the town’s downtown area. The mountain is an even more incredible sight in the wintertime when crews set up explosives to mitigate avalanche risk.

A recent video captured the professionals at work, leaving the people three miles away in downtown Telluride in awe.

Check out the clip: 

In the video from February 12, you can hear the explosions before the snow starts to build down the slopes. People cheer as it grows larger and larger until it forms giant clouds of snowy white. It’s an impressive view, especially with Ajax Peak standing at over 12,000 feet.

The account that posted the video had this to say, “One of my favorite Telluride traditions: the bombing of Ajax Peak! Thanks as always to Telluride Helitrax for dropping the bombs and to the dramatic slopes of Ajax for putting on the show! This year was one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

If you’ve ever been to a ski resort with big enough slopes, you’ve probably heard the echoing sounds of dynamite rattling through the area. These measures have become standard in mountain areas to try and avoid a catastrophic avalanche. 

Of course, just like at a resort, in places like Ajax Peak, crews take all necessary safety precautions. Government officials also put out warnings ahead of time and closed roadways to keep everyone safely off the mountain.

Learn more about avalanche safety.

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