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Watch: Bryce Canyon Search and Rescue Use Ropes to Save Trapped Hikers

Video captured the rescue of two hikers stuck on a rock wall in Bryce Canyon National Park. The park’s search and rescue, law enforcement and fire crews used a technical rope rescue to get to the visitors.

Park officials say the hikers were stuck halfway up the wall of an amphitheater, the towering rock that surrounds the park’s well-known hoodoos. The visitors say after they started climbing it became too steep, and they were not able to climb back down.

The national park released this video showing the steps for the technical rope rescue. 

The entire ordeal took four hours with a team of 10 rescuers. 

“While Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos and rock walls might look like fun areas to climb and explore, the soft, crumbly sedimentary rocks think otherwise,” said the post on Bryce Canyon National Park’s Instagram page. “Our designated trails are designed to protect sensitive vegetation and geologic areas, but when we ask you to stay on trail, we’re not just asking that you help protect these wild ecosystems. We’re also asking that you keep yourself, other visitors, and park staff safe too.”

Park officials say they cited the visitors for disorderly conduct and potential fines, including closure violations, resource damage and littering.

Learn more about Bryce Canyon’s amphitheaters and hoodoos.

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