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Wildlife Officials Search for a Black Bear That Attacked a Camper Relaxing in a Hammock

Colorado Parks and Wildlife are searching for a black bear that bit a man relaxing in a hammock. 

According to officials, the attack happened Saturday night in a campground near the Purgatoire River near the state’s southeast corner. 

The victim says he heard rustling in nearby bushes and turned on a headlamp to see a bear beside him. The animal then bit his arm and “wandered off.” An ambulance brought the man to a nearby hospital to treat the two to three-inch bite wound.

Wildlife officials brought dogs to search for the bear but have not found the animal. If found, they will euthanize the bear.

The victim says he had no food nearby that may have lured the bear, but CPW officials still want to remind visitors to Colorado to be bear-aware. This includes using bear-proof containers and locking food and trash in a vehicle. As well as avoid bringing anything with a strong odor into your tent. 

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